Jaunt One Camera Now Available to Public

Now you too can shoot with the Jaunt One camera through Radiant Images’ rental house.

If you happen to live in the Los Angeles area or willing to travel in order to test the latest in VR capture technology, you’re in luck. Jaunt is making its Jaunt ONE VR camera available to the public for the first time ever.

Since debuting the camera in late 2015, Jaunt has worked directly with brands like ABC News, the MLB, and producers like Doug Liman and Tony Kaye to produce VR content. Now thanks to a pilot program with Radiant Images, a Los Angeles-based digital cinema rental house, you’ll be able to check one out yourself starting in July.


For brands and independent filmmakers who have been looking for more serious VR capture solutions, this might be a solution to help bring your stories to life in VR.

In addition to shooting on the Jaunt ONE camera, Jaunt is also making its Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS) publicly available to allow creatives to render and stitch their content. The Jaunt ONE features 24 global shutter sensors and the setup can be coupled with 360° ambisonic audio recording, which in post can be mixed with Dolby ATMOS. Once the experience is finalized, creators have immediate access to all of the assets necessary to publish to any platform that supports 360° video, including the Jaunt VR App.

The Jaunt One is supposed to be an end-to-end hardware and software solution, that up until now has only been made available to select content creators.

Jaunt ONE on set for Zoolander 360° promo shoot.

Jaunt ONE on set for Zoolander 360° promo shoot.

Jaunt’s investors include The Walt Disney Company, Evolution Media Partners, China Media Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Google Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Axel Springer, ProSiebenSat. 1 SE, The Madison Square Garden Company, Peter Gotcher, Blake Krikorian, and Sky.

Radiant has a dedicated VR wing inside its new facility at 2702 Media Center Drive in northeast Los Angeles. On Saturday, July 23, the company will host an informative panel and hands-on demo with representatives from Jaunt VR.

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