Jaunt’s New ‘Home Turf’ VR Series Lets You Explore The Extreme

Get out of your comfort zone in this free climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and slacklining immersive series.

Cinematic VR studio Jaunt has unveiled their latest VR series, Home Turf, taking you on a journey from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada to a massive drop off Icelandic waterfalls.

The four-part series is produced in collaboration with Camp4 Collective, letting you follow along with four athletes as they share their stories of home, adventure and where they go to push their limits physically, mentally, and beyond. Each episode in the series is broken up into separate profile pieces of each athlete, which include free climber, Alex Honnold; mountain biker, Cam Zink; kayaker, Galen Volckhausen; and slackliner, Andy Lewis, better known as “Sketchy Andy”.


The Home Turf series was shot in some pretty remote places, most of which many will never actually get to experience on their own – but now you can in VR. Shot over a series of days in each location, crews utilized Jaunt’s One camera to capture some stunning 360-degree video and audio footage, often relying heavily on drones to carry the beast of a camera high in the skies.

The aerial shots are worth it though, giving you a unique point-of-view of some Mother Nature’s beautiful creations and the athletes seeking a thrill there. The four videos include:

Needles, Alex Honnold


Free climbing legend, Alex Honnold, kicks off the adventure series as he climbs to the peaks of The Needles, a series of massive granite rock formations in Central California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. With no ropes, harnesses or carabiners in sight, Alex takes viewers to new levels as he explores his profound connection with extreme nature.

Rampage, Cam Zink


Despite having traveled all around the world, pro mountain biker, Cam Zink’s favorite place to push his limits is right at home in Virgin, Utah. Viewers will visit the Rampage course where RedBull hosts its annual Freeride event to experience Cam’s journey, from digging his run to completing the course, in this episode of the thrilling Home Turf series.

Iceland, Galen Volckhausen


19-year-old Galen Volckhausen has been kayaking over waterfalls since he was just a little kid. Now, viewers can accompany him as he drops out of his comfort zone and braves the boils of the 65 foot Aldeyjarfoss, a beastly natural phenomenon in Iceland where, as Galen observes, “nature still rules.”

Moab, Sketchy Andy


In this episode, join one of the world’s best and bravest slackliners, Sketchy Andy, as he balances far above the desert floor below him. Andy shares how his home of Moab, Utah has given him the freedom to evolve limitlessly not only as an athlete, but as a human who cherishes the space to reflect on “personal progression.”

The first episode in the four-part Home Turf series, Needles, is available now in the Jaunt VR app. Subsequent videos in the series will be released weekly. The Jaunt VR app is available on iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Desktop 360.

In May, Jaunt collaborated with Paul McCartney to let you on embark on a personal VR journey with the artist in a six-part VR documentary series.

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