Jack Daniels Turns Their Whiskey Bottle Into An AR Pop-Up Book

AR brings the history of the 150-year old whiskey brand to life.

Jack Daniels has been offering thirsty patrons their immensely popular brand of Tennessee whiskey for over 150 years, during which time they’ve become the most successful American whiskey distillery in the world.

Today, the company has announced a new AR experience designed to give patrons a better look at the liquors historic rise to prominence through a series of animation, voice over, and interesting tales told via hand-crafted digital models similar to that of a digital diorama.

Developed in partnership with San Fransisco-based immersive entertainment start-up Tactic, the experience — available now — uses AR technology to bring your 50mL to 1.75L Jack Daniels bottle to life with three different scenes that take you behind-the-scenes of the award-winning distillery.

“In today’s world, it’s important for us to reach fans and consumers where they are,” said Jeff Cole, Modern Media Director for Jack Daniel’s. “That means sharing content that’s unique, interesting and relevant through a variety of digital mediums. In 2016, we launched an immersive Virtual Realty experience and in 2018 we launched our official podcast, ‘Around the Barrel.’ This new AR experience is taking our brand storytelling to the next level.”

Image Credit: Jack Daniels

The first augmented scene converts the bottle into a model of the actual Jack Daniels distillery located in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

The second experience takes you step-by-step through their whiskey distillation process, while the third tells the story of Jack Daniels himself.

Image Credit: Tactic

“Augmented reality is in an exciting stage, and new technology and techniques are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Peter Oberdorfer, President of Tactic. “The Jack Daniel’s AR app features technology that sets the bar for creative storytelling in this new medium. The learnings and best practices from Jack Daniel’s will help inform the development of AR apps across different brands and industries.”

To check out these AR dioramas yourself, you’ll need to download the free Jack Daniels app available on iOS & Android and pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey (must be size to 50mL to 1.75L).

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