‘It’s Always Sunny’ Team Brings ‘Project Badass’ to VR

Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can now jump right into the crazy world of The Gang thanks to the show’s brand-new, fully scripted VR experience, Project Badass.

Using never before seen footage, Project Badass gives viewers a chance to attempt a daredevil stunt with fan favorite character, Mac, as part of one of his infamous videos featured on the show. The stunt gets off to a rough start for Mac as his friends try to kill his vibe. Dennis and Dee plead for Mac’s partner in crime–you, the viewer– to consider your own safety and hop off while you still have the chance. Meanwhile, Frank brings along a bikini clad babe who struts around on the pier before take off. However, Mac doesn’t let his friends’ antics get him down. Soon enough, the two of you are deep within a billow of smoke as you speed directly toward the Atlantic Ocean. Will you and Mac survive? Fans will have to watch to find out; but they can be sure that they’ll be left gasping for breath by the time the crazy, hilarious four-minute experience comes to a close.

Project Badass was cleverly released in correlation with last night’s all new episode, “PTSDee” (Wednesday, February 15 at 10 PM ET/PT on FXX,) featuring its very own VR storyline as well. Sure to be full of laughs, the episode, written by Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney and directed by Jamie Babbit, finds Dee on an epic mission to prove she’s the best thing to ever happen to a male stripper while Mac and Frank end up getting sucked into a virtual reality war game that leaves Mac with a very real version of PTSD.

AlwaySunny_360_videoNow in its twelfth season, It’s Always Sunny is enjoying some of its very best ratings yet. The first five episodes hold the title for the five most watched telecasts in FXX history, and total viewership between Adults 18-49 is at a 21 percent increase from season eleven.

Fans interested in going on the ride of their lives with Mac can check out to watch a 360-degree experience and to find out more information on how to watch the full immersion version through the Jaunt VR app, available for download for use on every major phone and VR headset, including Google cardboard devices.

It’s Always Sunny has always done humor well, and now it’s doing VR well, too. The joint release of a VR Scripted Immersion Experience with Jaunt and a VR storyline woven into its comedic, award winning episodic format will expose millions of viewers to the world of virtual reality, and will likely draw quite a few curious VR nerds to the show’s well established humor as well.

And in case you wanted to see Glenn Howerton battle it out in VR, for your viewing pleasure, we dropped him into Space Pirate Trainer when he stopped by VRScout Studios.

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