‘Iron Rebellion’ Brings Action-Packed Mech Combat To VR

Step inside your very own giant robot in this fast-paced VR mech game, available now on Oculus (Meta) Quest and PC VR.

Available now on Oculus Quest (Meta Quest) and SteamVR in Early Access, Iron Rebellion allows players to step inside the cockpit of their very own giant robot and battle other players in action-packed battles across a variety of environments. Whereas existing VR mech games focus on providing simplistic, arcade-style experiences, Iron Rebellion sets itself apart from the pack with its realistic controls and immersive gameplay.

Players will have the opportunity to pilot a wide variety of mech classes, each featuring their own unique pros and cons on the battlefield. Regardless of which robot you choose, you’ll be tasked with operating a variety of buttons and levers in order to operate your mechanic titan. At the moment, the game features a large combat zone (Frozen outpost) complete with a 1v1 competitive game mode. There’s also a social/practice zone complete with a six-player free-for-all, Mech ball, and more.

Moving forward, the developer, Black Beach Studio, plans on introducing additional content, such as additional modes, maps, and 4v4 multiplayer. The company hopes to launch with 12 weapons, three maps, and nine mech classes in total, followed by additional single-player and co-op content.

Iron Rebellion is available now in Early Access for $14.99 on Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Black Beach Studio

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