Into The Radius Coming To Meta Quest 2 Later This Year

Fans of hardcore survival shooters are in for a treat.

Originally released in July of 2020, Into the Radius is an open-world survival shooter similar to popular titles like Stalker, Escape From Tarkov, and DayZ. Set in an abandoned mining town filled with otherworldly dangers, the game combines physics-based interactions, realistic weaponry, and loot-based gameplay to deliver a suspenseful single-player experience on PC VR headsets.

Earlier today, developer CM Games announced that Into the Radius is coming to the Meta Quest 2 later this year, allowing you to explore the mysterious Pechorsk Radius zone without the need of a beefy gaming PC. The Quest version is being developed by a separate studio and will feature a near identical experience to its PC VR counterpart in terms of content and gameplay. Based on the footage provided, it appears as though the biggest difference will be that of visual quality.

Like the original, Into the Radius on Quest 2 will have you gearing up and venturing into a post-apocalyptic containment zone in search of valuable artifacts. Using a variety of tools, you’ll navigate a diverse selection of treacherous landscapes, each of which featuring their own unique challenges. You can go the stealthy route and sneak past enemies or run in guns-blazing using an arsenal of realistic weaponry; how you approach each mission is up to you.

In addition to precious artifacts, you can also find valuable gear hidden throughout the many different environments. Certain items can be used to upgrade your armor and weaponry as you play. You’ll also need to maintain your equipment by keeping it clean of dirt and debris. It’s little details like these that make Into the Radius such a memorable experience.

According to CM Games, Into the Radius will be available on Meta Quest 2 this September. No word yet on a price. That said, you can signup here for a chance to participate in the upcoming beta. Into the Radius is available now on PC VR headsets for $29.99.

Image Credit: CM Games

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