Interactive Fabric Uses Augmented Reality To Bring Children’s Stories To Life

Thanks to AR reading bedtime stories will never be the same.

Remember that Around Town rug you used to have as a kid? You know, the one that had the a whole city sewn into it with buildings and streets for you to push your Hot Wheels around on? Imagine those buildings literally jumped from the surface in 3D and those streets were bustling with traffic. Well that’s what the geniuses over at TILT are trying to accomplish with their brand new line of storytelling blankets and rugs. The smart home textile company is combining augmented reality with specially designed materials to bring interactive stories to children’s bedrooms everywhere. It’s a whole new way for kids to explore their imaginations and honestly, I kind of want one…

augmented-reality-bedtime-stories2Here’s how it works: After purchasing one of the two available AR compatible surfaces, the Jungle Rug or Enchanted Duvet, parents can download the SpinTales app for free on the Google Play Store or App Store on any of their phones for tablets. Using the app kids can point their devices at certain points on the rug or duvet to activate amazing interactive adventures. Both surfaces currently feature three public domain stories including Little Red Riding Hood, Three Pigs and Magic Beans although TILT has already announced plans of adding more famous stories to their library. All of the tales include multiple augmented reality points that lead kids through exciting, interactive adventures.

You can pick up a TILT SpinTales rug or duvet for your favorite little one (or for yourself if you never quite grew up) at or at the Toys R Us official website for $99 right now. Of course you could always save yourself a few bucks and relive all that 90’s magic, old school style:

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