Interactive 360° LED Tower Reacts To Movement In Real-Time

Corporate videos are so 2020. Giantstep is looking to take brand awareness to the next level with its interactive environments.

South Korea-based creative technology company Giantstep is no stranger to developing jaw-dropping visual productions. The company has worked with a number of clients on a wide variety of incredible brand experiences, from a motion-capture-powered music video for the K-Pop group AESPA to a high-tech pop-up store for Louis Vuitton complete with an interactive runway.

This week, the company revealed its latest mind-blowing installation, a massive 30-foot tall LED tower designed to showcase the “iron process” through an eight-minute interactive journey brought to life using a combination of real time technology, visual effects, projection mapping, 7.1-channel stereoscopic audio, and a variety of other visually-captivating elements.

Developed in collaboration with design company D’strict, Iron Civilization was designed specifically for Korea-based steel-manufacturing company POSCO and is meant to serve as a visual representation of the “iron process,” taking visitors on an eight-minute interactive journey that consists of four key themes: Birth of Iron Ore, Iron Discovery, Iron Prosperity, and Iron with Mankind.

Image Credit: Giantstep

The massive 30×60-foot tower, meant to symbolize iron itself, changes dramatically over the course of the experience depending on the theme. For example, Iron Discovery represents the heating face in which iron is thrown into a furnace and repurposed into steel.

In addition to the changing themes, visitors can interact with the environment itself in real-time. In the video provided, we can see the ground literally react to the presence of attendees as they walk throughout the constantly-changing space.

Image Credit: Giantstep

According to Giantstep, the idea behind Iron Civilization was to develop a consumer-facing brand experience that went beyond a simple corporate video; a captivating representation of the company designed not only to entertain, but to educate as well.

“We love when clients lean into our expertise in technology and storytelling to create brand experiences that go beyond the traditional corporate video,” said Executive Creative Director Jichul Lee in an official release. “POSCO took consumer engagement to a whole new level by creating a permanent cultural space that not only tells their brand story but will also entertain and educate people for years to come.”

Image Credit: Giantstep

Iron Civilization is located at Park1538, a new cultural space located near the POSCO History Museum designed to immortalize the companies past, present, and future.

As companies continue to rethink the way they interact with consumers, we’ll no doubt begin to see more of these genre-defying projects in replacement of conventional corporate videos and other standard brand experiences.

Feature Image Credit: Giantstep

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