Twitch Streamers & Cosplayers Team Up For Mixed Reality Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Tabletop gaming meets next-gen technology in this live action RPG series.

A handful of popular Twitch streamers, well-known cosplay artists, and producers are teaming up on a brand new Dungeons & Dragons campaign which will be broadcasted in real-time across Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. Unlike the dozens of other D&D-based live streams littering the web, however, this one-of-a-kind RPG series will incorporate real-time visual effects powered by mixed reality and projection mapping technology.

Starring well-known internet personalities ZombiUnicorn, TheSushiDragon, Darth Lexii, and Alex Drastal, InstaQuest follows an eclectic group of hardened warriors on a dangerous quest through a war-torn land.

Season 1 Campaign: A regal Barbarian, an explosive Artificer, a Druid with a wild side, and a Ranger with a love for all that’s cuddly and cute have joined the Adventurer’s Guild in pursuit of fortune and glory. However, with each new quest they take on, they descend deeper into the political frenzy of a world at war over dwindling energy resources. Competing imperial regimes vie for the allegiance of the ragtag adventurers. It is up to the players to decide who to trust and which path to take. The consequences of each action last throughout the entire campaign, and will ultimately decide the fate of heaven and earth.

Using a series of in-game visual elements brought to life via a massive screen incorporating 600 square feet of projection mapping with over 24 Million individual pixels, Game Master Joseph “Jobo” Bohan is able to activate certain enemies, digital assets, and spells based on the choices of each player and the particular scenarios they find themselves in. Based on the video provided, it appears as though Jobo will trigger these elements via a tablet device. Each of the visuals presented were created using the Unreal Game Engine, resulting in high-quality animations, textures, and lighting.

“Tabletop RPG storytelling balances exploring an open-world sandbox with keeping players ‘on the rails’ to meet the GM’s plot–hopefully without players knowing they are being steered in a certain direction,” stated Notes producer Jay Stone. “We endeavor to follow this philosophy using Jobo’s experience as a GM by preparing game elements to be triggered based on the choices the adventurers make. This means we are creating scenarios with certain enemies, digital assets, and spells that may never make it to the screen during the show.”

At the end of the day, however, Dungeons & Dragons is all about the player and their decisions. While InstaQuest’s mixed reality technology provides captivating visual content for viewers, it’s ultimately serves to enhance the story.

“As proud as we are of all the technical wizardry that’s gone into InstaQuest, the show is ultimately all about the players and the story they co-create,” added producer Parker Howell. “We’ve got a team of rising superstars, self-created artists who’s characters reflect their real life archetypes. The light, the dark, the sublime, the chaotic–the only way for them to move forward is to realize the alchemy of their fellowship.” 

Season 1 of InstaQuest kicks-off Saturday, July 25 at 1PM PST via Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

Image Credit: InstaQuest

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