Inside VRScout’s Second Annual VR Art Show in LA

A new immersive renaissance emerges as creative talent and technology converge.

As a follow up to our inaugural Art Show last year, we decided to once again to celebrate the vibrant creative community of Los Angeles. We teamed up with our friends at NextArt to forge an exploratory funhouse at CTRL Collective in Playa Vista.

There was something for everyone: eclectic projection mapping, interactive art installations, dance performance mashups of analog and digital instruments, experimentations in augmented reality, and of course plenty of virtual magic to dive into with a VR headset.

HTC Vive and Tilt Brush premiered a couple of new immersive experiences at the show. For the wannabe musicians out there, Beamz Interactive showed off Jam Studio VR for the first time, an interactive music performance app that allows you to unleash your inner musician and play music or DJ. The app’s library consists of over 20 interactive songs from a host of music genres to suit all tastes, and features songs from artists Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Flo Rida, Grammy-nominated guitarist Craig Chaquico, acclaimed jazz saxophonist Euge Groove, and legendary Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. Jam Studio VR is now available in English and Chinese on Viveport and Steam for $19.99.

Titmouse also showed off their latest head-banging VR music video Icarus 666, featuring the metal symphony Galaktikon II: Become the Storm by Brendon Small. Like Show It 2 Me, Titmouse built the experience with Tilt Brush— using a sweet new upcoming toolkit, which gave us a sneak peek into where Tilt Brush is headed. Guests could get a video recorded in mixed reality from the VRScout photo booth.

And of course it wouldn’t be an art show without live Tilt Brush painting on stage from talented artists like Dani Bittman, Estella Tse, and Tyler Ramsey.

Here are some of our favorite experiences from HTC Vive Gallery, some of which you can download and check out for yourself:

  • Chroma Lab by Sean Tann – surround yourself with hundreds of thousands of colorful particles that stick together like a fluid which you can interact with using a variety of tools.
  • Flock by David Lobser – you can become a bird and flock with your feathered friends in untethered VR while dining on colorful, procedurally generated insects.
  • StarBear by Funktronic Labs – a charming VR-exclusive game where you pilot a spaceship and races against the clock to taxi passengers around a tiny futuristic bear city.
  • Undulator by Eric Parren – immersive kinetic installation that explores both the color and reflective properties of light and the effects of flicker on our visual perception system.
  • Projection Graffiti by Master of Shapes

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