Indie Rock Band Launches AR Concert Experience Complete With On-Stage Banter

The WebAR performance includes a full stage setup complete with on-stage banter.

With a majority of the world under lockdown as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, music artists from around the globe have already begun exploring new ways in which to entertain their fans in the absence of live concerts. Many performers have started live streaming their sets on platforms like Twitch, while others have been experimenting with remote jam sessions and posting the results online for others to enjoy.

American Indie Rock group Real Estate chose to take a different route with “Quarantour,” an AR concert experience accessible from any compatible iOS or Android smart device. The augmented performance features a digital venue complete with its own light and sound rigs. On stage the five members of Real Estate perform a medley of their original songs. There’s even some light on-stage banter and a final encore.

The performance was captured prior to the lockdown and developed in collaboration with Texas-based creative agency CALLEN using the WebAR platform 8th Wall.

“Collectively we wondered if there was a way to bring a live experience to fans when no one can leave their home,” said CALLEN CCO Craig Allen in a statement. “Instead of having a set time when everyone must join a live stream, what if we could make this an on demand experience people could use whenever/wherever the feeling strikes? That’s what augmented reality affords us.”

Image Credit: Real Estate

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