The Dream World of Kyla La Grange in VR

Inception VR (currently in beta), a publisher and destination for VR entertainment content, just announced its latest VR experience in collaboration with London based VR specialist Visualise.

Working with De La Muerte Films, the teams were briefed to create a stylistic and dynamic music video for the single which was released last week. Two versions of the video will be available, a 360 video for YouTube, and a stereoscopic 360 version due for release in June via the Inception app.


The release marks a shift in the way music videos are being filmed, and highlights how artists like Kyla La Grange are able to showcase their unique creativity through this exciting and immersive new medium.

“The final video highlights the power of immersive experiences within the VR industry – and soon we will be launching the full Inception VR conception to showcase what is possible with virtual reality in music, arts, heritage and culture,” stated Benny Arbel, Co-Founder and CEO at Inception VR. “Kyla La Grange is an incredibly creative artist, and it’s only fitting that we worked with her to bring one of the most innovative technologies to a rising star.”

The final video is an abstract adaptation of the new song which, according to Kyla, is about “hovering between the different versions of yourself – the traits you thought you’d outgrown but that come back to get you”.

The video involves complex elements, including slow-motion and reverse movements that required three different set-up arrangements in order to capture the studio environment in a full 360 setting. Working in collaboration with directors, choreographers and designers, Visualise adapted the requirements for the footage to bring to life the artist, dancer and horse on set, allowing them to work perfectly as a virtual reality experience.

On set Kyla La Grange for 360-degree shoot.

On set Kyla La Grange for 360-degree shoot.

“The challenges of working on set with live animals, complicated lighting designs, and tailoring the shoot to fit creative requirements highlights how advanced 360 filming has become,” commented Henry Stuart, Founder & CEO of Visualise. “Working with experts in the field is crucial, in order to create an end product that not only fits the creative brief, but is shot in a stylistic way that combines multiple elements. With other music artists exploring the opportunities that 360 filming presents, I expect this will be a trend that takes the music industry by storm and transforms the way fans view content in the future.”


The stereoscopic music video is available to view on Inception’s app, currently in beta phase. This content will be used to showcase that VR is more than 360 degree videos, and highlight the best examples of fully interactive and immersive virtual experiences.

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