Incase Carry Case For Quest Pro Brings Peace Of Mind

The premium travel case will keep your fancy headset looking shiny and new.

This past October we saw the launch of Meta Quest Pro, the first in a new line of high-end devices from Meta. The next-gen VR device features full-color passthrough for immersive mixed reality, eye and face tracking, as well as new-and-improved Touch controllers, offering a premium experience for an equally premium price tag.

To help keep your $1,500 headset looking shiny and new, Meta partnered with Incase Designs Corp. to develop a premium-level hard shell carrying case, which is available for purchase now via the Meta Store, Incase, and additional retailers such as Amazon.

The outside of the Incase Carry Case for Quest Pro features a compression-molded EVA exterior shell that can help protect your precious hardware from accidental fall damage. Inside you’ll find a custom-formed interior with a scratch-resistant lining designed to hold the Quest Pro headset, Touch Pro controllers, and power adapter. There are also a few additional pockets located along the interior designed to store additional cables and accessories.

Here’s a full list of the features (as provided by Incase):

  • Protective, compression-molded EVA exterior shell
  • Reliable YKK RC zipper for easy access
  • Padded grab handle
  • Durable 840D nylon-covered top and bottom shells
  • Custom formed interior
  • Soft, scratch-resistant lining
  • Controller cradle with power adapter storage
  • Interior pockets for all included accessories

After testing the product these past few weeks, we were left thoroughly impressed by its overall quality. The Incase Carry Case feels incredibly sturdy thanks to its hard shell design and padded grab handle. The Meta Quest Pro sits snug inside the custom interior, as do the Touch Pro controllers in the dedicated controller cradle.

I also found the interior pockets helpful in storing additional accessories such as my USB Type-C cable, Touch Pro stylus tips, microfiber cloth, and earbuds. Other than that, however, the case does not offer room for much else. That said, you are able to store the device with certain accessories attached, such as the side and full light blockers or specific third-party battery packs, which definitely adds to the convenience.

Overall, the Incase Carry Case is a great accessory for Quest Pro owners constantly on the go. You might need a few tries to adjust the rear wheel so the headset can fit properly, but once secure you can rest easy knowing your device is safe from scratching and fall damage. In terms of improvements, I would have liked some additional padding on the top shell of the case, but other than that there’s not much to critique; Incase has once again delivered a quality carrying solution.

The Incase Carry Case for Meta Quest Pro is available now for $119.95 via the Meta Store, Incase, and Amazon.

*A sample of the product was provided by Incase for the sake of this review*

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