Imogen Heap Performs A Holographic VR Concert Tonight On TheWaveVR

Catch a mind-bending live show of the grammy award-winning singer-songwriter via a cutting-edge holographic VR performance.

English singer-songwriter, record producer, audio engineer, and electronic music pioneer, Imogen Jennifer Heap, is known best for her unique, spacey sound. A combination of electronica and alt rock with trace elements of dance, her incredible music often tends to transcend genres and ignore labels in favor of a truly original sound unlike any other modern artist.

If you’re a fan of the talented musician, or just fantastic music in general, than you’ll be happy to hear that the powerful vocalist will be performing an equally powerful holographic VR concert later this evening via TheWaveVR.

The original show took place 7pm BST, but a second gathering will take place 7pm PST/10pm EST. The immersive VR show will feature a setlist comprised of some of her well-known releases, as well as never-before-heard tracks, such as a previously unreleased song from her short-lived side project, Frou Frou, as well as a brand new mix of “Hide and Seek.”

“From my first talks with TheWaveVR, that as it happened were in VR, I knew I wanted to get involved in this project. With my three year old daughter’s future in mind, it excites me how, through virtual reality, we are already able to connect in a more human way, even when time and place would have it otherwise,” spoke Imogen in an official release. “Having my fans experience a musical performance from within the welcoming walls of my family home, in addition to a song that Guy Sigsworth and I have not yet released, brings a whole new dimension to connecting and communicating for me.

“For those who are unable to be there in person during my world tour, it’s also a trio of songs and their arrangements that can be enjoyed in a completely unique way and hopefully, as emotionally engaging. The team has created something both beautiful and inspiring and I hope that this is just the beginning of what is to come from our adventures.”

The bleeding-edge performance utilizes technology from volumetric capture company, Depth Kit, in order to render Imogen’s likeness for VR audiences. Meanwhile, Imogen performs live from her home studio in London as her custom MI:MU gloves capture her every move. More importantly, these wireless sensor-enabled devices actually create music by allowing Imogen to effect audio with her own physical movements.

“This show represents a first for the industry in that we’re hosting a volumetrically captured artist in a social VR venue- and we couldn’t be happier to share this moment with Imogen, one of our favorite artists,” said CEO and TheWaveVR co-founder Adam Arrigo. “This is a powerful new way for fans to experience their favorite artists up close and personal that is now finally possible. It also marks our first non-electronic show, so it’s aesthetically a very different experience. We can’t wait to see how fans of Imogen and Wave react.”

You can catch the second showing live 7pm PST/10pm EST on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets via TheWaveVR social music platform. Fans can also check out the experience during the first stop of Imogen’s Mycelia tour, beginning September 3rd at Music Tech Fest in Stockholm.

Image Credit: TheWaveVR

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