IKEA Built A Massive 19-Foot Bag With AR Capabilities

The structure is meant to represent the company’s new brand platform, “Affordable Design. Endless Possibilities.”

IKEA is no stranger to immersive technology. The Swedish furniture retailer has released numerous augmented reality (AR) experiences in the past, from an educational in-store game to a home decor app that allows you to “delete” furniture in your real-world space.

Now IKEA is using AR to promote a new brand platform highlighting affordability. In addition to “The Giving Bag,” a 60-second ad spot featuring a young child pulling a seemingly endless amount of IKEA products from the instantly-recognizable Frakta bag, the company is launching “The Giving Bag AR” experience, according to Adweek.

Credit: IKEA

The interactive AR experience is accessible via a giant 19-foot IKEA Frakta bag structure decorated with several QR codes that, when scanned, reveal special offers for IKEA products. The AR-enabled structure was originally scheduled to debut on June 10th in New York City, but the premiere was delayed due to air pollution caused by the ongoing Canadian wildfires.

The structure will now appear first at Millennium Park in Chicago on June 17th followed by Houston, Texas on June 24th. The giant blue statue will supposedly make its way to New York once the fires have subsided and the air quality has improved.

“Everyone knows the feeling of walking into a new home and putting the bag down,” said Fanny Josefsson, creative director at Ogilvy New York, according to Little Black Book. “It’s a feeling of possibility and hope, but it’s scary too, now more than ever.”

“The blue IKEA FRAKTA bag is one of the most recognisable, iconic pieces in the store. People use it for everything! We wanted to use the bag as a symbol of the possibilities that affordability brings. What does that look like through the eyes of a child?”

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Feature Image Credit: IKEA

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