I Expect You To Die Gets A Short Mixed Reality Mission

Turn your living room into a spy-themed mixed reality escape room.

When Schell Games launched the original I Expect You to Die back in 2015, it showed gamers just how incredible VR entertainment can be when done correctly. In August of 2021, the team released a sequel, I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar. Now it appears as though we’re getting a third mini-installment, this time with mixed reality functionality.

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home is a short mini-mission that will be available on VR headsets on October 25th. The game uses Passthrough technology on the Meta Quest 2 and recently-announced Meta Quest Pro to transform your real-world surroundings into a spy-themed mixed reality escape room.

As was the case in previous games, Home Sweet Home has you taking on the role of a world-class, only this time you find yourself in a serious pickle. I mean, you’re always in a pickle, but this time it really doesn’t look good for you. You’ve been smuggled out of a top-secret medical facility and now you’re a secret agent operating out of your own living room. Your arch nemesis, Dr. Zor, is obviously behind all of this, but you’ll need to figure out exactly how in order to escape.

Thankfully, you’ve just been equipped with a brand new ocular implant to help you unravel traps and access some cool-ass spy technology such as an x-ray that will help you find objects in the walls of your actual home. Yes, your actual home.

“When we were concepting this experience, we were all working from home. Then it clicked — what if we had our Secret Agents working from home, too?” said CEO Jesse Schell. “The idea of all the dangerous situations a Secret Agent has to deal with being inside their house seemed really fun and felt like a great match for mixed reality.”

One really cool thing about I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home is that the game is powered by the Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2’s Passthrough technology. This allows developers to create mixed reality experiences that react to the physical world in new and unique ways.

In I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home, you can:

  • Transform your real-world homes into an escape room with the power of mixed reality
  • Solve a mini-mission in less time than it takes Dr. Zor to craft an evil plan
  • Use special x-ray technology to uncover hidden objects inside your walls
  • Play worry-free, knowing you can see everything in your space, even with your headset on, using Quest’s passthrough feature

“Designing an experience for mixed reality is very different from designing for virtual reality because mixed reality offers an experiential immersion as opposed to a purely visual one,” said Ryan Hall, Project Director for IEYTD: HSH. “Keeping the player on their toes by warping their familiar surroundings was a lot of fun to figure out, and Meta’s Passthrough technology allowed us to make it happen easily.”

Last year Schell Games blew everyone away when they launched I Expect You to Die 2 and hit $1M in sales in under a week. This was a huge milestone not just for Schell Games, but for the business of VR and it showed that the VR industry has some very strong legs to stand on. I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home will be available on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro on October 25th 100% free of charge.

Visit the website for more information.

Image Credit: Schell Games

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