Hunt Spiders In This Skin-Crawling VR Experience

Step into the shoes of an expert exterminator later this year.

There’s no shortage of terrifying VR games available on headsets at the moment, and while I wouldn’t classify developer tinyBuild’s Kill It With Fire VR as a horror experience per se, the upcoming first-person VR game is sure to make some players’ skin crawl.

Credit: tinyBuild

Based on the original PC game released in 2020, the upcoming VR version promises all the same spider-killing action you know and love. The goal is simple: eradicate eight-legged infestations using the arsenal of anti-arachnid weapons and technology at your disposal. And if you have to cause a little collateral damage along the way, well, that’s just the cost of doing business.

“Fans have been asking for a VR version of Kill It With Fire since the very first footage of the original game,” said developer Casey Donnellan in an official press release. “I’m really happy that we can finally put horrifying spiders on a screen less than an inch from players’ eyeballs!”

Credit: tinyBuild

According to the game’s official Steam page, you’ll battle eight different species of spiders throughout the course of your career as an expert exterminator. Other interesting features include a realistic fire simulation system, dozens of side objectives, and even a secret ending.

Kill It With Fire is scheduled to launch later this year on PC VR, PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR2, and Meta Quest VR headsets. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: tinyBuild

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