Hunt Dinosaurs In VR On The Quest In Primal Hunt

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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to battle a cybernetically-enhanced 30-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex equipped with rocket launchers and a machine gun? Well, wonder no more as VR developer Phaser Lock Interactive (Final Assault) has announced its latest VR game, a prehistoric hunting simulator called Primal Hunt.

In this over-the-top first-person shooter, you’ll take on the role of a veteran hunter tasked with hunting the most dangerous prey of all. No, not humans; flesh-hungry dinosaurs armed with all manner of deadly weaponry.

Thankfully, you’ll have access to your own arsenal of weapons, such as a futuristic hunting bow, as well as various armor to protect yourself from your sharp-toothed prey.

“Your skills as a hunter and tracker are famous. Your expertise with weapons is legendary. There is no beast alive today that you have not brought down,” says the official website.

“Now you’re invited to hunt the deadliest creatures to have ever walked the earth, to track down and face the greatest apex predators of all time: DINOSAURS! Face the ferocity of a pack of Raptors, the strength and power of a Triceratops, and the terror of coming face to face with a 30-ft Tyrannosaurus Rex, all in VR!”

Primal Hunt is expected to launch in 2023 on Meta Quest, Pico, and Vive Focus VR headsets. No word yet on a final price, though Phaser Lock Interactive promises additional information soon.

While I enjoyed my time with Jurassic World Aftermath, another dinosaur-based VR game for Quest, it’ll be a nice change of pace battling dinosaurs as opposed to hiding from them.

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