Hulu Gets In The Halloween Spirit With Huluween VR Experience

Hulu’s new anthology of horror shorts accompanied by some spooky VR bonus content.

With Halloween just around the corner, most fans of this incredible holiday are most likely deep into day-long scary movie marathons or already in candycorn-enduced comas. After all, every major streaming service on the market is stuffing its platforms with spooky movie and TV playlists. However it’s Hulu that’s taking its celebration of Halloween to a new level with a collection of original horror shorts complemented by an eclectic set of VR experiences.

Available now via the Hulu platform, The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology is a collection of six spine-chilling original shorts centered around haunted houses from different locations and time periods, all built with wood originating from the Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden. However, the coolest part of this hair-raising series has to be the bonus VR experiences that accompany it.

Available via the official Hulu VR app on Gear VR as well as PlayStation VR, the Huluween VR Experience takes viewers deeper into the stories of the original horror anthology with a haunted living room environment. The space features unsettling elements such as ghoulish paintings, an extremely creepy baby doll and an 8mm projector sporadically displaying terrifying images on a decrepit wall. More importantly, the living room is littered with essential easter eggs from three of the six original shorts. Users can also view the shorts within the living room’s VR portal.

The horror doesn’t stop there. Along with the immersive VR living room, two of the shorts are accompanied by 360° experiences meant to enhance their stories or provide a different perspective. For example, after users view The House short Let Us In, a story following two cult members in a break-in gone wrong, they can then check out The Reckoning, a POV experience that extends the plot of the original short.

The Seven Moons short, described as “a quest for fortune becomes a struggle for survival when a group of astronauts lands on a harsh alien planet seeking seeds from the Tree of Knowledge,” is tied-to The Tower, a VR experience that places users in a control tour on that same planet, giving them a different perspective of the events that occur.

You can also use The House experience to view other Hulu VR content like SONAR, Longing for Wilderness, The Exorcist 360 Experience, Happy Campers, and Burlap.

Check out the Huluween VR Experience now via Hulu VR, the Samsung Gear VR, and PlayStation VR platform. You can also check out the spooky The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology now on Hulu.

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