HTC Brings VR Storefront to Mobile

Less than a month after launching the Viveport VR app store, HTC is introducing even more ways to discover and experience VR content.

At the Alibaba Cloud developer forum conference Monday, HTC announced the release of a closed beta for Viveport M. Up until know, VR at HTC has been lacking any sort of mobile features. Now this latest addition to the Viveport family aims to deliver content to your Android mobile device.

Compatible with most Android phones, Viveport M is designed to allow you to more easily find and use high-quality mobile VR apps and 360° videos in both touchscreen and VR modes. The developer beta version of Viveport M is already available for download to registered Vive developers via the Viveport backend system, with the consumer version set to launch later this year.


Viveport Arcade

Also announced at the conference, HTC revealed Viveport Arcade, a new VR content management and sales platform customized for offline experience centers. Designed for centers like VR cafes and arcades that continue to grow in popularity in countries like China, Viveport Arcade will work as the offline counterpart to the PC version of Viveport.

Viveport Arcade will speed up the process for VR arcade operators to legally acquire VR content, as well as helping solve the problem of accurately tracking and sharing revenue split for both operators and developers. Pilot programs for Viveport Arcade have already been deployed in a number of locations in the last 1-2 months and will soon expand to hundreds of gaming centers, amusement parks and karaoke bars across China and globally.

“By expanding Viveport into mobile and offline channels, we are exponentially expanding the user base and revenue opportunities for VR developers around the world,” said Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC. “This will give them the funds they need to not only survive but prosper, encouraging the creation of more exciting content.”

Vive X Accelerator Fund

And if expanding new channels for developers to deliver their VR content to a much larger audience while creating new content revenue streams wasn’t enough, HTC also wants to help get developers off the ground too.

Last week, HTC announced they are again accepting applications for their $100 million Vive X accelerator fund to fuel more content creation for VR. Nearly three dozen companies were accepted into the fund’s first class, partners who are now developing solutions in areas such as social, analytics, advertising, content generation tools, rendering, search, education and more.

Vive X startups receive financial investment and are given the opportunity to work at VIVE X accelerator locations around the world, where they get special access to advanced VR technology, mentorship, and hands-on coaching from leading VR experts. As companies progress through the program, they can participate in VIVE X demo days where they have an opportunity to showcase their products to investors and additional partners, and begin developing their go-to-market plans.

VIVE X is accepting applications now through the deadline on December 1, 2016 at

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