HTC’s Viveport is an App Store for VR Experiences

During VRLA last week HTC announced Viveport, the company’s one-stop shop for non-gaming VR experiences like education, travel, shopping, sports, news and 360° video content.

While Steam VR will likely remain the platform to download and demo the latest in HTC Vive games, Viveport is providing a much needed home for consumer VR content not focused so much on gaming.

The upcoming release will also introduce an update to Vive Home, which will be a personal and customizable virtual space with interactive widgets and more.

“We strongly believe VR is going to change the world for the better, for both consumers and businesses alike,” said Rikard Steiber, HTC’s senior VP of virtual reality. “We believe it’ll democratize access to experiences, now anyone can travel anywhere and learn anything in any way.”


For developers looking to monetize their VR content, Viveport will feature pay-to-download, in-app-purchases, subscriptions, and more revenue generating opportunities. The Viveport store will be available in Vive headsets, web browsers, and as a PC and mobile app.

Although Viveport was announced earlier this year and is already live in China, HTC is making the push to bring Viveport to the rest of the world later this Fall. HTC also confirmed that a developer beta for the service would launch soon (late Summer 2016).

To join the Viveport community and register as a developer, visit

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