HTC Vive Celebrates First Birthday With Launch of Viveport Subscription; Free ‘Arcade Saga’ Download

It’s not a party without birthday gifts.

HTC Vive is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Vive’s commercial ship date. And as a thank you to the community, on April 5th we can all look forward to a handful of birthday bonuses.

The “Vive Day” celebration marks the launch of Viveport Subscriptions with a one-month free trial, a free download of Arcade Saga, and a discount on new Vive purchases.

Viveport Subscription

Introducing the first-ever subscription model for a VR app store, Viveport subscriptions will give Vive owners a new way to navigate and discover content for a monthly fee. For the April 5th launch, HTC Vive is incentivizing signups with a one month free trial offer for new users.

Subscription customers pay $6.99 a month and can choose five titles from a library of curated content. You get unlimited access to the apps you choose and can always rotate out your selection every month.

One of the biggest perks for a VR app subscription service like this is the ability to try an app before you decide to buy it. The indecision over whether to throw in dough on a newly released title can be greatly alleviated. All apps in the Viveport subscription service are available for sale, giving you a short trial period in a way, to decide on continued ownership.

And for developers, the subscription model represents an additional revenue channel and a way to reach broader audiences. Viveport Subscription is launching with more than 50 titles available including VR apps such as TheBlu, Richie’s Plank Experience, Everest VR, Fantastic Contraption, Mars Odyssey and more.

You can take advantage of the free one month trial of the service by registering now at

“The marketplace for Vive apps has grown at a tremendous pace with more than 1,600 titles now available across different app stores and over 30 new apps launching daily,” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport at HTC Vive. “The rapid growth of the app market is a win for VR overall yet it can present discoverability challenges that affect both customers and content creators. Introducing a subscription model to VR is a natural evolution of where this market is going, and as film, music and TV have proven it’s becoming the preferred way customers want to explore and experience entertainment content.”

Arcade Saga and $100 Vive Discount

Of course we all can’t leave the party until we get something sweet to take home. That’s why Vive Studios is giving back to existing Vive purchasers with a free copy of their VR action game Arcade Saga, a $19.99 value, on Viveport.

Developed by HTC’s internal studio 2Bears Studios, Arcade Saga has three distinct game types – Smash, Bowshot and Fracture that take inspiration from pinball, table tennis and archery, and add the physics and physicality of VR. Each game type has head-to-head online multiplayer and a campaign mode with 84 levels to master and massive, room-scale busting boss fights to overcome.

This is a one day offer, so make sure you head on over to or the Viveport desktop application on April 5th to get in on the “Vive Day” action.

And for those of you who don’t already have a Vive, or maybe just need another one for the office too, you can get $100-off Vive purchases on April 5th as well.

Visit the Vive Blog for more on April 5th, where we can expect developer interviews and free downloads to mark the anniversary.

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