HTC Vive Tracker Now Available For Purchase

Developers won’t want to miss this sale.

Exactly one month ago, HTC revealed that the Vive Tracker would go on sale to developers March 27th for the price of $99. Well today is that day.

Unveiled at CES earlier this year, we have been excited about the Vive Tracker since day one after seeing it in action during Vive demos. The hardware device, that fits in the palm of your hand, can be attached to a range of accessories and peripherals, like a baseball bat or rifle, bringing real world objects into VR.

Not only is the Vive Tracker an exciting evolution of the Vive platform, but a shift forward for the entire global VR landscape as it stands. The simple $99 device represents a quick and easy way to add motion control to a host of VR experiences and even implement some pretty impressive full body tracking (see video below).

For today’s developer launch, Vive has also released an open source implementation of full body tracking using three Vive Trackers. With this code base, available on GitHub, developers can quickly integrate full body tracking into their VR experience by attaching Vive Trackers to their body, bringing feet and natural movements into VR.

The Vive Tracker is being made available for purchase in two phases. Today’s sale is for developers looking to create Vive content. General consumer availability of the Vive Tracker is expected later in the year, as the accessories and content ecosystem for Vive Tracker is built and new accessories are ready to purchase.

To support developers, Vive has also launched a dedicated community space for devs and Vive experts to ask questions and solve VR development problems. A dedicated space for the Vive Tracker exists here:

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