HTC Vive Shows Off Portable 5G Device With RC Cars

Set up a private 5G network for multiple VR headsets in under 30 minutes using the Reign Core.

Today marks the final day of MWC 2022 in Barcelona and so far we’ve been treated to a variety of incredible announcements showcasing the future of connectivity. Day four of the event included informative talks featuring speakers from companies such as Amazon Web Services, Weta Digital, and Nolia as well as a plethora of incredible demos from a large list of exhibitors

One demo from HTC had attendees driving a small remote-controlled car fitted with cameras and 5G connections around a tiny racetrack using a portable 5G base station called a Reign Core.

Vive Flow / Credit: HTC

Those lucky enough to experience the demo had two different views of their carthanks to a couple of hi-res video feeds (POV and top-down) that were delivered using a 5G network from the Reign Core. As the drivers steered their cars throughout the course, spectators were able to watch the action in a first-person POV using HTC Vive Flow headsets.

It should be noted that the same 5G network that was used to provide attendees and spectators the camera views of the remote-controlled car through the Vive Flows also streamed PCVR quality demos to multiple Vive Focus 3 all-in-one headsets. 

It doesn’t sound like much, the demo puts into perspective the evolution of XR technology, with HTC’s portable 5G device playing an essential role in powering XR experiences in the very near future. 

Vive Focus 3 / Credit: HTC

The Reign Core is about the size of a PC tower and can be easily transported to different locations using something such as a Pelican case. It also works with Open RAN, making it capable of running on most private networks using virtually any type of hardware.

Because of its compact all-in-one approach, the Reign Core is perfect for location-based VR experiences as well as Enterprise XR use.

Created in partnership with Supermicro using designs owned by HTC, the Reign Core falls under a new business unit between the two companies called G Reigns, which is focused on giving clients the ability to easily set up and launch a 5G network in about 30 minutes or less.

Viveverse / Credit: HTC Vive

On top of this new hardware and partnership announcement during MWC, HTC also gave us a preview of what their Viveverse ecosystem looks like and how they plan on using it to expand the in-car VR entertainment industry. 

In an official press release, Cher Wang, co-founder and chairwoman at HTC, talked about the importance of having the ability to stay connected and how it would impact Viveverse, the company’s recently-announced open-source metaverse, saying:

“VIVERSE is the next chapter of our VIVE Reality vision. VIVE is our brand and means ‘life’, and Verse refers to the chapters of life. Viveverse provides seamless experiences, reachable on any device, anywhere, and is enabled by the virtual and augmented reality, high-speed connectivity, AI, and blockchain technologies that HTC has invested in for several years. We invite partners to join us on this fantastic journey to the internet of presence.”

Earlier in the month Motorola and Lenovo debuted their portable 5G Neckband designed to give you reliable access to the metaverse anytime and anywhere.

Feature Image Credit: HTC

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