HTC Vive Pro Secure Offers Security-Focused VR For Government Agencies

Security-focused VR designed specifically for classified environments.

HTC this week announced yet another iteration of its HTC Vive Pro, the HTC Vive Pro Secure, a professional-grade VR headset designed for use in classified environments that require “authority to operate.” Put simply, the Vive Pro Secure can be used in secure locations where other devices cannot thanks to a series of hardware modifications designed to keep important data safe and secure.

In order to guarantee total security for businesses and clients using VR technology for classified projects, the Vive Pro Secure restricts outgoing radios, cameras, and wireless communications while at the same time providing a premium VR experience one would expect from the HTC Vive Pro.

Customers will also have access to the Offline SteamVR Library, allowing the installation of certain apps without the need for a steady internet connection. If connected to the internet, the installer will not transmit any data online. HTC has also removed eye-tracking capabilities.

Other than that this is the same HTC Vive Pro you know and love. Dual-OLED displays with a resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels, 3D spatial audio, and a new-and-improved ergonomic design.

For more information on the HTC Vive Pro Secure visit here. No word yet on an official release date.

VIVE Cosmos Series x AORUS 15G Bundle

As Facebook continued to dominate the mainstream VR market, HTC appears to have shifted its focus almost entirely to enterprise VR. Earlier this morning the company also revealed a brand new VR bundle featuring the HTC Vive Cosmos and an AORUS 15G professional gaming laptop.

“We’ve heard that one of the biggest barriers to adoption of PC-VR is the setup, so we’re taking the hassle out of it by giving you everything you need to get started in one package,” said Daniel O’Brien, General Manager, HTC Americas, in an official release.

“The Cosmos Series x AORUS 15G bundle delivers the best possible VR experience by pairing stunning visuals with a powerful laptop, and the option for either the convenient inside-out tracking of a VIVE Cosmos or the precise external tracking of a VIVE Cosmos Elite.”

Image Credit: HTC

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