HTC Vive Launches Viveport M Mobile VR Content Platform

Viveport M includes VivePaper, Taobao Buy+, and YoukuVR.

HTC announced today the official launch of the consumer version of the Viveport M mobile VR content platform. Revealed last month during the Alibaba Cloud developer conference, Viveport M is an extension of the Vive ecosystem that is dedicated exclusively to mobile devices.

Viveport M is compatible with most Android phones and designed to allow you to easily find and use mobile VR applications or experience 360° videos in both touchscreen and VR modes.

The recently launched Vivepaper, what HTC calls an “Augmented Virtual Reality” (A-VR) reading experience, is also currently available on Viveport M. Vivepaper uses a specially designed AR-enabled physical booklet and the Vive VR system to let you immerse yourself in print content.


When it comes to delivering 360° video content on Viveport M, HTC has partnered up with YoukuVR, a massive streaming video platform that is part of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Back in May, Youku VR bought Digital Domain Holding’s VR and CGI content for online distribution in Greater China. Since then, the streaming company has developed and produced a library of over 100,000 360° videos, including coveted titles such as “Enchanted China”, “Go Fighting!” and “Chinese National Girls”.

Viveport is currently the leading VR content distribution platform in China according to Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC. So it comes as no surprise that Alibaba’s YoukuVR video platform would be part of the Viveport M launch, as well as also being the preferred download platform for Alibaba’s VR shopping application Taobao Buy+ (embedded in the Taobao mobile application). The Taobao Buy+ facilitates a VR shopping experience and lets you experience everything from product size to color at a simple glance thanks to the virtual shopping room created by the application.


Viveport M can be downloaded via Alibaba’s PP Helper mobile application, Viveport M’s launch distribution partner.

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