New Images Surface of HTC Vive Headset and Controllers

Last week HTC announced that they would be shipping an additional 7,000 HTC Vive headsets in the beginning of 2016 and begin retail delivery of the consumer model in April 2016.

Now thanks to some detective work today on Reddit, we may now have the first look at the updated HTC Vive DK2 headset and controllers.

The images were found by multiple Redditors in the developer section of the HTC Vive site.

The photo above appears to be the first leaked image of the headset. Looking at the image, the headset now has a noticeable single camera attached to the front.

The most drastic change can be seen with the controllers. The latest image of the HTC Vive controllers shows a significantly slimmer and quite stunning update from the HTC Vive DK1 controllers. Based on the image, the controllers appear to have a trackpad for the thumb, one trigger button for the index finger, and squeeze triggers.

HTC Vive Controllers DK2

As Robert McGregor points out on Twitter, based on this image the controller may have a built in lithium ion battery.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more and wait for confirmation from HTC.


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