HTC Launches Dedicated VR App Store Viveport

HTC’s VR app store is now live, giving you more options to discover and experience non-gaming content.

Back in August at VRLA, HTC announced they would be opening a dedicated virtual reality app store called Viveport, which would be home to a host of largely non-gaming immersive content.

Steam may already be the go to place for HTC Vive gaming experiences, but games aren’t always for everyone — sometimes you just want to browse experiences by category and lose yourself in a virtual world.

Now with the launch of Viveport today, you’ll be able to browse a showcase of VR experiences, spanning verticals like art, creativity tools, design, education, fashion, music, sports, travel, video, and much more.

HTC’s hope is that when you first purchase your Vive (yep, no Rift for now), Viveport will be the beginning of your journey when exploring virtual reality experiences. Viveport is available in over 30 countries, which is a few countries short of a global launch. So if its not available for you yet, you’ll just have to be patient for a few more weeks.


Viveport Premieres

Along with the launch of Viveport, HTC introduced what they are calling Viveport Premieres, a program of timed content exclusives for the app store. This content launching on Viveport today includes new content from Everest VR, Google Spotlight Stories’ Pearl, Lifeliqe, Stonehenge VR, The Music Room, an all-new edition of theBlu, and many more.


A 48-hour customer celebration also launches today with many hit titles available at a special price of $1 USD

In addition to debuting new Viveport Premieres, HTC is also rewarding the community with a special 48-hour launch celebration, where several marquee titles will be available for a special price of US$1. The 48-hour launch celebration features theBlu, Mars Odyssey, and Firebird – La Peri, among others, so better get shopping.

“Vive is a leader in VR and we’re excited about the Viveport release, as we bring a new version of theBlu to VR fans everywhere”, says Neville Spiteri, CEO of Wevr. “We can’t wait to see new and existing customers try out theBlu, Gnomes and Goblins, and some exciting upcoming titles on Viveport.”

If you’re in the mood for a good mystery, HTC says they’ll be sharing a secret message any day now that will “reopen a path to unlimited Viveport content for worthy contenders.” HTC wants you to follow them on social media, install the Vive software, visit and explore Vive Home over the next month to discover clues and keys that will unlock “treasures”.

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