HTC Debuts Kingspray VR Graffiti Simulator at X Games

This graffiti simulator is coming to VR and now you can try an early demo.

Even if you’ve never tried spray painting as a medium, the folks over at Kingspray want everyone to experience what its like to make street art in virtual reality.

At the X Games in Austin, Texas from June 2-5, HTC is publicly demoing for the first time Kingspray Graffiti Simulator. The VR experience lets you become a street artist, selecting from a variety of urban locations to use as your canvas and drip some major spray paint without ever having to worry about the 5-0.


BMX rider Jamie Bestwick demoing HTC Vive at X Games.

You can select from a range of preset and custom colors, as well as authentic spray, drip and nozzle effects. The HTC Vive controllers become your spray cans, giving you precise motion control on how much paint you lay down. There is even streaming radio on the Boombox and a feature to select the time of day, letting you bust out a flashlight for some nighttime incognito art. You can check out how the developers really captured the medium in the video below.

Friday, HTC demoed Graffiti Simulator behind closed doors in the athletes lounge at X Games but will make the VR experience an option for the general public starting June 4th.

Kingspray Graffiti Simulator has yet to be released on Steam VR but a closed beta was released back in May. As the Kingspray team continues to refine the experience, we can expect it to be a popular download and can’t wait to see what others paint up in VR.


If you haven’t tried Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive yet, it’s a magical creative experience. Just putting someone in Tilt Brush for a few minutes can easily turn a VR naysayer into a true believer. Where Kingspray let’s you spray paint on walls, Tilt Brush let’s you paint in 3D space, waving the Vive controllers to paint life-size brush strokes, stars, light and even fire all within VR. But what both creation tools have in common is addressing our desire for creative freedom that is boundless. Experiences like these on the Vive make the process of art experiential and within reach of every user no matter age or artistic skill level.

HTC Vive tents at X Games.

HTC Vive tents at X Games.

If you’re going to be at X Games in Austin, Texas from June 2-5, be sure to reserve yourself a Vive demo slot and get ready to explore the blank canvas alley walls in Kingspray Graffiti Simulator.

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