HTC Partners With IFixit To Offer Easier Vive Repairs

Fix your headset, even if it’s out of warranty, by purchasing replacement parts, toolkits, and repair guides.

Thanks to a new partnership with HTC, iFixit—one of the leading suppliers of consumer electronic repair supplies in North America—now offers an extensive lineup of replacement parts, toolkits, and repair guides for the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Wireless Adapter, Vive Tracker, and various other peripherals. And when I say extensive I mean extensive.

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Browsing the iFixit website you’ll find everything from extra wall-mounts and additional Vive Wireless Battery Holders to headphone screw caps, replacement battery adapters, and fresh controller lanyards just to name a few. There are so many replacement parts to choose from you could almost build a new Vive headset from scratch. IFixit also offers a generous selection of repair guides for your headset as well as the Vive controllers. It’s sort of like having an iFixit repair technician standing over your shoulder, only less uncomfortable.

Prior to this, fixing a damaged Vive device meant mailing it back to HTC for repair, and that’s only if you were still within the warranty period. There was always the option of scrounging for replacement parts from various online marketplaces, but the results varied greatly. This new partnership offers even those outside the warranty window a simple and pain-free way to extend the life of their Vive products.

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“We hear from many customers who love their original HTC Vive headsets after years of use, but occasionally still need a specific part,” said Daniel O’Brien, General Manager at HTC America, in an official blog post. “By partnering with iFixit, we’re taking an unprecedented approach to meeting the demands of our long-time customers who want to repair and continue to use their beloved headsets that may be out of warranty or no longer available through us.”

“This is groundbreaking. HTC is the first VR manufacturer to support their customers with the parts they need to keep their headsets functional,” added Kyle Weins, CEO and Co-founder of iFixit. “iFixit is thrilled to help gamers fix their meatspace hardware so they can get back to their important cyberspace business.”

Image Credit: iFixit

Vive replacement parts and repair guides are available now to North American customers. Check out the full list of parts over at

For more information check out HTC’s official blog post here.

Feature Image Credit: iFixit

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