HTC Teases #GeForceVR Vive Event and Everest VR

UPDATE 12/8/15: After the event HTC revealed that they will be delaying the Vive’s retail launch until April 2016

HTC and NVIDIA have teamed up to bring us a “very special” VR event December 8th in London.

Although there is still no word what HTC and NVIDIA will be showcasing at the event, many are hoping they will share details about the consumer launch of the HTC Vive.

One thing we do know for sure, they are teasing fans with Everest VR care packages hand delivered in advance of the event to journalists and YouTube gamers in London.

Everest VR is the latest experience coming out of Icelandic VR studio Sólfar and effects studio RVX, which will be released with the HTC Vive in 2016. Everest VR has received high praise for its photogrammetry, which stitched together over 300,000 photos of the real Everest, to create a stunning interactive virtual reality experience.


Everest VR testing with HTC Vive and NVIDIA before the big event

The Everest VR experience was created with two modes. The first being an interactive level set on the Khumbu Icefall, in which you climb across crevasses and up ladders, soaking in the photo-realistic scenery. The HTC Vive controllers help you explore the space, letting you grip and climb in virtual reality. The second is a ‘God mode’ like experience, letting you fly around the mountain and zoom in for close up details of Everest.

It is no surprise that HTC and NVIDIA would want to feature Everest VR during the event. Combining game engines with photogrammetry creates the next-level of VR experiences. Photo-realistic VR experiences with user interaction and navigation shows off the capabilities of the HTC Vive and NVIDIA’s VR technology like GameWorks VR and DesignWorks VR.

So what did HTC and NVIDIA send out as a teaser package?

Recipients shared photos of their giant wooden box labeled with “#GeForceVR“ and a mysterious bubble wrapped protrusion.

Upon opening the package, one will find a few things you might need to climb Everest, including a virtual reality passport to get there.

The passport was filled out and ready to go.

And the bubble wrapped protrusion? A tool to get you climbing.

We will keep you updated on the event as it kicks off shortly. Hopefully we get some new details from HTC and NVIDIA, otherwise prepare for a “Reddit storm”.

Photo Credit: HTC

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