HTC Launches Flagship Vive Store In China

The Shenzhen location allows visitors the opportunity to experience VR and purchase the latest Vive products.  

It’s no secret that China loves VR. Whether it be the countries ambitious program to integrate VR education into all Chinese schools, or, more recently, the Jiangxi Province’s massive investment $460M in support for the AR/VR sector, its clear the booming nation sees both short, and long-term potential for virtual and augmented reality.

That fact became even more apparent earlier this month when the company launched their first Vive-dedicated store and demo center in Shenzhen, China, according to reports by RoadToVR. Located at the Consumer Electronics Exchange/Exhibition Center in the modern metropolis of Shenzhen, the store appears to be a one-stop-shop for everything HTC Vive.

Alvin Wang, President of HTC Vive China, recently shared several photos of the flagship location via his Twitter account.

Customers can purchase the latest Vive products, such as the Vive Focus and Vive Pro, as well as various other HTC devices, such as its brand new U-series smartphones. Customers will also have access to an on-sight repair center to assist with any complications you may experience. 

Of course it wouldn’t be a VR store without live VR gaming. The Shenzhen store features several VR play areas for visitors to try out various headsets and experiences. 15-minute Vive Pro sessions are available starting at ¥59 CNY ($8.50 USD), as well as discounted group sessions for ¥36 CNY ($5.20 USD) every 15-minutes.

The experiences available range from Arizona Sunshine and Beat Saber, to more hard-core simulations, such as McLaren’s F-1 VRThere are also a number of free demo stations in which those new to VR can try out a small curated selection of “viewing” experiences via the Vive Focus standalone headset.

HTC’s Shenzhen Vive store launched its soft opening October 1st and is now available to the general public. No word yet on if we can expect to see more of these Vive-dedicated locations outside the city anytime soon.

Although, based on HTC’s ongoing commitments in China, it would only make sense the company expand its storefronts to various other districts of the large country.

Image Credit: HTC Vive / Alvin Wang

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