How VR Is Being Used For Counter-Drone Training

A rise in drone-based warfare highlights the need for counter-drone training solutions.

Earlier this month, counter-drone protection company DroneShield announced that it has partnered with Operator, a tactical training solutions provider, to develop a new VR-based training system that will immerse military and law enforcement personnel in a variety of unique scenarios, each with its own customized drone threats.

“As the counterdrone industry continues to rapidly grow and develop, evidenced by significant use of small drones by both side in the Ukraine war, there is an emergent need for counterdrone tactics and training packages for the system operators,” said DroneShield CEO, Oleg Vornik, in an official release. “As the global leader in the C-UAS sector, DroneShield is well placed to provide the training.”

According to DroneShield, the system can be used to instruct users on how to effectively operate the DroneGun Tactical and DroneGun MKIII, both of which come included with the system alongside a VR headset and dedicated instructor tablet. In the video provided, we see how the system immerses users in different combat scenarios against various drone types, from reconnaissance to payload delivery.

Instructors can monitor a user’s performance in real-time using the aforementioned tablet. They can then perform an interactive after-action review and replay the scenario from any angle to provide immediate feedback.

“Today’s battlefield is evolving quickly making it difficult for front line defenders to be prepared for all situations,” added Operator CEO Wayne Jones. “Operator’s solutions are enabling defence and law enforcement to rapidly train for these new situations in realistic, virtual environments. We are pleased to be able to add cutting-edge XR-based Counter Drone training programs to Operator’s product offering, in partnership with the C-UAS market leader, DroneShield.”

Those attending the I/ITSEC 2022 Exhibition in Orlando Florida can check out the training platform in-person from November 28th until December 2nd.

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Image Credit: DroneShield x Operator

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