How VR/AR Technology Is Being Used To Treat Autism

XRHealth brings its unique VR/AR therapy to the United States.

XRHealth, a VR/AR technology company specializing in digital healthcare, today announced plans to bring its unique XR therapy to ASD (autism spectrum disorder) patients located in the United States.

Previously available in Australia, the technology has been used to treat the effects of autism, from anxiety and stress to attention, memory, mobility/coordination, and frustration tolerance. XRHealth’s healthcare platform offers a variety of professional services. This includes one-on-one meet-ups with XRHealth therapists as well as virtual group sessions, all of which accessible remotely using modern VR headsets.

These virtual sessions tackle everything from physical occupational therapy to behavioral health. All the while the system tracks the performances of both the patient as well as the therapist, providing useful insights in the form of progress reports.

“XRHealth is providing a virtual environment similar to gaming for patients with ASD which is tailored perfectly for children who want to be engaged in a way that is familiar,” said Eran Orr, Founder & CEO of XRHealth in an official release. “Because of the unique and fun environment, patients are more likely to comply with treatment plans since they enjoy the process.”

For ASD patients and their respective care-givers, XRHealth’s VR/AR platform represents a more convenient and readily-accessible therapy process. Getting an ASD patient from their home to the therapists office can often be a challenge for care-givers. Using XRHealth, patients receive the same level of support right from home using the power of VR and AR technology.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 5,437,988 (2.21%) US adults have been diagnosed with ASD, with those numbers expected to increase over time. Readily accessible programs such as XRHealth will only become more important as patients continue to seek cheaper and more convenient methods of treatment.

Founded in 2016, XRHealth has established itself as one of the most prevalent VR healthcare solutions thanks to its FDA and CE registered medical Extended Reality (XR) technology and use of licensed physicians. The company also partners with various hospitals, healthcare organizations, and rehabilitation centers.

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