How To Win Races In ‘Rec Room’s’ New VR Game ‘Rec Rally’

Learn the ins and outs of Rec Room’s new VR racing game with our official beginner’s guide.

Earlier this week, the popular social VR platform Rec Room launched Rec Rally, a new game mode that introduces drivable vehicles to the game. Up to six players can duke it out in fast-paced multiplayer races throughout a new race track environment using their very own interactive dune buggies.

Don’t let the bare-bones controls and basic visuals fool you, however. Rec Rally, while simplistic, offers a genuinely entertaining racing experience that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Each vehicle comes equipped with a variety of features, including an emergency brake for drifting and a “boost” button that—when triggered—delivers incredible bursts of speed. The race track itself also includes its own unique challenges to overcome.

Find yourself trailing the pack more often than not? Here are a handful of tips & tricks to help you dominate the race track:

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Try a different drive mode

Rec Rally, by default, employs a unique control scheme that, while easy-to-pick-up, may prove awkward for some. This method involves using the analog stick on your motion controller to steer and accelerate. Personally, I found this system a bit challenging, especially in VR. Thankfully, Rec Room offers a second, more realistic control option which involves grabbing the wheel itself using your motion controller and steering as you would in real life.

You can cycle through both of these options via the in-game settings located on your virtual watch. I’d recommend experimenting with both options to discover which is more comfortable. I asked around to find out which options players preferred, and found a pretty even split between the two methods.

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Keep a lookout for shortcuts

Rec Rally introduces a new environment designed specifically for racing. This complex race track is littered with various obstacles to overcome, both natural and manmade. It also features several hidden shortcuts that—when used properly—can mean the difference between second and first place.

We’ve already identified several hidden pathways, some intentional, others discovered by the players themselves. Near the start of the race track, for instance, there’s an unintentional shortcut that allows you to completely bypass a lengthy turn, cutting entire seconds off your time. Further down the track, shortly after crossing the bridge, you’ll find a winding cave system tucked away to the right that lets you cut through the mountain instead of having to go around.

The new race track environment has only been around for a short time, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing additional shortcuts in the near future.

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Learn to drift

As previously stated, the new race track environment is filled with various obstacles to overcome. This includes a number of extremely tight turns. Rather than slowing down to avoid crashing, you can use your emergency brake to drift around sharp corners.

When approaching a tight turn, aim for the inside pocket and lightly tap your e-brake while turning your wheel in the direction of the bend. As you complete the turn, spin your wheel in the opposite direction while hitting the gas to correct your trajectory. This is easier said than done and requires a bit of practice to master, but once you do you’ll be shaving entire seconds off your time and overtaking other drivers with ease.

Practice on your own on a private server and master each corner before taking your skills online.

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Don’t forget to “boost”

As you navigate the race track, you’ll come across dozens of floating canisters scattered throughout. Once you’ve collected three of these items, you’re able to trigger a powerful speed boost. When timed correctly, the boost feature can be used to overtake other players or simply close the gap.

In addition to individual canisters, you can also find a handful of three-packs located in key parts of the map. Instead of having to collect canisters one by one, these packages offer an instant speed boost. If possible, I recommend saving your boosts for the long straightaways and hills. The Rec Rally race track is an unforgiving mistress; having a spare boost in your back pocket is never a bad idea.

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Be aggressive! Be be aggressive!

I’m not one for confrontation. That being said driving like an aggressive maniac in Rec Rally has its perks. The race track, while lengthy, is fairly thin, resulting in plenty of close-quarter skirmishes. Don’t be afraid to trade some paint. Hitting a competing player at the correct angle can cause them to spin out, costing them precious seconds in the process.

Of course, the same rules apply to you. Whenever you find yourself in close proximity to other players, be on the loop out for aggressive behavior. More experienced racers will be attempting PIT maneuvers (pursuit intervention technique) throughout the race in an effort to remove you from contention. Keep your head on a swivel and don’t shy away from butting heads.

Rec Room is available now on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, PC VR, PlayStation VR, iOS, Android, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. For more information on Rec Rally visit here.

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