How Owlchemy Labs Is Making VR More Accessible

Because VR should be for everyone.

Owlchemy Labs, the developer behind popular VR games such as Job Simulator and Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality, today announced a new update for Cosmonious High that introduces several nifty features designed to make the alien adventure experience accessible to players with visual impairments.

Available now as a free download, the Vision Accessibility Update (VAU) adds object highlighting that allows low-vision players to see objects more clearly and voice descriptions that describe exactly what object a player is holding. There’s also a grab-and-release confirmation that notifies a player when an item has been picked up and released, environmental descriptions, and more.

“We believe that VR gaming should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities,” said Jazmin Cano, accessibility product manager at Owlchemy Labs, in an official release. “The Vision Accessibility Update is the first of its kind, not just at Owlchemy Labs but for VR gaming as a whole. We want to tear down barriers for all gamers, and this is another great step in that direction.”

“As a gamer with low vision, I have often felt excluded from the world of VR gaming. That’s starting to change with the work Owlchemy has put into the Vision Accessibility Update for Cosmonious High,” added Steve Saylor, an independent accessibility advocate and consultant. “I feel like we’re opening this exciting and immersive world to other players who have never been able to experience VR.”

Credit: Owlchemy Labs

“The combination of visual descriptions, contrasting colors, and other tools make it possible for me to experience VR in a way I never thought possible. This update is a game-changer for low-vision gamers everywhere, and I am proud to have been a part of its development.”

Cosmonious High is available now on Meta Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR2 headsets for $29.99. For more information about the Vision Accessibility Update visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Owlchemy Labs

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