How Much Space Do You Need To Use Oculus Quest 2?

From stationary mode to room-scale, here’s what you need to know.

With Christmas 2020 officially in the rear view mirror, a new wave of Oculus Quest 2 users now find themselves enjoying all the incredible games and apps available on Facebook’s magical standalone VR headset. We’ve talked a lot in the past about the best ways to maximize your Oculus Quest 2, from initial setup to your first five downloads. But one question we still hear a lot is, “How much space do I need to use the Oculus Quest 2?”

Officially, Facebook recommends a play space of 6.5ft by 6.5ft when using “Roomscale.” For those brand new to the Oculus Quest 2, the headset allows you to draw the boundaries of your play area using the Touch motion controllers, thereby setting up the Guardian boundary system. Again, this is what Facebook recommends for maximum enjoyment. Technically you can draw your boundary in any shape or size you like, though—much like with the original Oculus Quest—we recommend keeping things simple; basic, symmetrical shapes only.

If you have the additional space, Facebook suggests leaving an additional 2.5ft of space between your guardian boundary and any walls or immovable obstructions. This provides an additional layer or protection for those extra intense sessions where you may forget about the boundary all together. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this tip as well. Trust me, nothing’s worse than unknowingly breaching your guardian and punching a concrete wall. Not that I’ve done that or anything…

For those lacking enough space for Roomscale there’s also “Stationary mode,” a compact alternative designed for smaller spaces. Instead of drawing your own guardian system, Standalone mode establishes a small circle roughly an arms-length around the headset, allowing you to lean from your torso to interact with in-game objects using your Touch controllers.

While not the ideal experience per say, Stationary mode offers just enough to space to enjoy pretty much every game and app available via the Oculus Quest store, whether it be a seated or standing experience. Like Roomscale, we also recommend relegating several feet of space between your guardian and any immovable obstructions for an additional layer of protection.

So, how much space do you really need to use the Oculus Quest 2.

While we agree with Facebook when they recommend a minimum of 6.5ft by 6.5ft, it’s by no means required to enjoy your favorite games and apps. The Quest 2’s 6 degrees of freedom is just as impressive in Stationary mode, allowing you to duck behind cover in Onward, dodge obstacles in Beat Saber, and lean around corners in In Death: Unchained. There’s no arguing that Roomscale offers the ideal VR experience on Oculus Quest 2, but don’t let your limited space stop you from enjoying all the Quest 2 has to offer.

Those brand new to the Oculus Quest 2 should check out our official Getting Started guide where we break down how to setup your Oculus Quest 2 headset as well as the first 5 games and apps to download.

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