How ChatGPT Is Being Used To Enhance VR Training

Immersive technology and artificial intelligence collide.

Virtualspeech, an online soft skills training platform, has implemented the widely talked-about artificial intelligence (AI) language model, ChatGPT, into its VR training courses. According to an official release, this latest upgrade promises to deliver more realistic interactions throughout a variety of real-world simulations.

The company claims that its VR training program can be used to prepare users for a wide variety of challenging scenarios, whether you’re a recent college graduate preparing for a difficult job interview or a manager simulating a particularly tough performance review. Users can customize their experiences depending on their role and receive real-time feedback based on their interactions with the AI.

“Soft skills are critical to success in today’s workplace, and conversational AI in VR has the potential to revolutionize the way we train and develop these skills,” said Sophie Thompson, CEO of Virtualspeech, in an official release.

“By integrating ChatGPT into our training, we are enabling individuals to practice and develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment, and provide them with the feedback they need to improve.”

Credit: Virtualspeech

According to the official website, Virtualspeech has helped over 370,000 people throughout over 125 countries with its interactive exercises. For this, the platform has earned numerous learning awards for education and training.

Subscriptions for Virtualspeech begin at $45 per month and feature all VR and online practice exercises, AI and ChatGPT-enhanced exercises, and more. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Virtualspeech

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