Hot Wheels-Inspired VR Game Stunt Track Builder Out Now

Build your own over-the-top stunt tracks with realistic toy-car physics.

Available now on Quest and PC VR headsets, Stunt Track Builder is a new VR game for Quest and PC VR headsets that lets you relive those fond childhood memories of building intricate stunt tracks for your favorite toy cars. Brought to us by developer Lemon Chihuahua, the Hot Wheels inspired-game offers access to a wide range of tracks to build with, from straightaways and turns to boost pads and loop the loops.

You’ll begin the game with just two cars and a handful of tracks. As you play you can use these track pieces to guide your cars towards various donuts floating throughout the environment. Collecting these donuts unlocks access to even more cars and track pieces. You can also exchange your cars for additional tracks. According to Lemon Chihuahua, the game features a total of 20 cars and hundreds of tracks to unlock.

As you progress you’ll unlock access to new environments in which to explore. This includes the Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Room. The game is currently available free on Quest and PC VR headsets and includes the option to purchase additional challenge packs and donuts in exchange for real-world cash. That said, every car and track can be unlocked just by playing the game.

Stunt Track Builder is available free on Quest (App Lab or SideQuest) and PC VR headsets. LemonChihuahua says the game is still in development and that we can expect additional content in the near future. This could include everything from new cars and tracks to an online leaderboard and build sharing. In a post made on Reddit, the developer stated that Passthrough support was also a “top priority.”

For more information visit the official website here.

Feature Image Credit: Lemon Chihuahua

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