‘Horror Bar VR’ Is A Grotesque Zombie Bar Simulator Perfect For Halloween

Serve up disgusting brain burgers and bloody drinks to your flesh-hungry patrons.

With much of the nation still under lockdown as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s Halloween has many trick or treaters and partiers confined reluctantly to their homes hunched over a bowl of miniature Snickers with a case of the holiday blues.

This also happens to be the premise for Horror Bar VR, and brand new zombie bar simulator that has you playing bartender to an endless number of terrifying undead patrons. With much of the world under quarantine, you now serve as the lone source of nourishment to a host of ghoulish zombies.

Using a combination of interesting bartending techniques, you’ll serve up a variety of truly unsettling beverages and cuisine, from bizarre “sea food” stored fresh in your horrifying aquarium and fry cut fingers to squishy brain burgers and delectable dead rats.

Similar to existing restaurant management experiences, Horror Bar VR revolves primarily around serving up orders quickly and efficiently to an increasing number of patrons using a variety of specialized cooking tools and techniques. In addition to prepping food, you’ll need to be on the look out for random events, such as undead rats attempting a jailbreak and rogue bats looking to steal ingredients.

Where Horror Bar VR truly shines, however, is in its character and environmental design. From the dead-eyed patrons to the ghoulish bar itself, Horror Bar VR is oozing with personality. This is especially true when it comes to your cooking station.

Drinks, for instance, are stored above your station in what appear to be individual IV bags. Dead rats, a delicacy in the zombie world, are stored separately on ice before being shocked back to “life” and served to hungry patrons. There’s so much to appreciate you may find it difficult to focus on your dead end job. Get it? “Dead end” job?

Horror Bar VR is available now in Early Access for $24.99 on SteamVR headsets (currently 20% off at the time of this writing) and features both a Career and Practice Mode. Developed by VR Factory, Horror Bar VR launches on the heels of Bar Simulator VR, a realistic VR bartending course.

Image Credit: VR Factory

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