Horizon Worlds Launches In The UK This Week

A new Voice Mode that turns strangers’ conversations into friendly nonsensical gibberish.

Meta today announced that Horizon Worlds will begin rolling out on Meta Quest 2 headsets in the United Kingdom, further growing its social VR metaverse. The company states that more countries in Europe will also be added later this Summer. As is the case with existing players in the US and Canada, you will need to be at least 18 in order to access the experience.

The company is also releasing a new safety feature called “Voice Mode.” Rolling out on Quest 2 headsets over the following weeks, this tool will allow you to adjust how other strangers sound in the metaverse. In addition to muting other users, you can also enable “Garbled Voices” to turn non-friend voices into friendly-sounding nonsense.

Other players will see an indicator that you’re unable to understand them. If you want to hear what they’re saying, you simply lift one hand to your ear. This does not add the player as a friend; just temporarily deactivates Garbled Voices.

In addition to Voices Mode, Meta is introducing a new update to its Community Guidelines that allows them to send pop-up warnings to disruptive users. These new features are just the latest in a series of safety-minded updates designed to give users more control over their metaverse experience.

“With Horizon Worlds, you can create and explore together,” said the company in the official blog update. “Whether it’s a comedy club where you can step on stage and try out your dad jokes in front of an audience, a bowling alley where you hit the lanes with friends, or even a place to learn about the diverse people, lifestyles, and languages of Asia, Horizon Worlds has something for everyone. Since launching in 2021, we’ve been blown away by the boundless imagination of our always-expanding creator community.”

For more information on today’s announcement visit here.

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