Horizon Worlds Adds Asset Library For Easier VR World-Building

VR world-building just got a whole lot easier.

Meta today announced that it is rolling out a dedicated asset library for its Horizon Worlds VR metaverse in an effort to simplify the world-building process. You can now access a growing catalog of pre-built assets ranging from simple objects to full-blown environments and everything in between.

The company is starting with 100 assets created by the Horizon Worlds team and members of the community. You can drag and drop pre-made items into your own worlds and customize them to fit your personal needs or pick them apart to discover how they work, offering a unique learning opportunity for up-and-coming creators.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for creators to build amazing worlds, and we’ve heard from the Horizon Worlds community that the tool you want the most is a collection of pre-made items you can use anytime you want,” said Meta in an official blog post.

“So, whether you’re an experienced creator or building for the first time, you’ll love how simple it is to drag and drop items from the library into your worlds, as well as customize them for your own purposes. You can also play with them, see how they’re built, and use them to make even better items.”

This latest update could be a game-changer for Meta’s VR social platform. Horizon Worlds’ in-world creator tools offer those with little to no development knowledge the ability to create their items and environments. That said, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to interactivity. By allowing amateur world-builders to easily import and inspect complex items made by experienced creators, Meta further streamlines the world-building process.

Moving forward, the company will seek the help of the community in deciding what pre-made items it’ll bring next to its asset library. Those interested can upvote existing assets or submit their own ideas here.

For more information on the Horizon Worlds asset library visit here.

Image Credit: Meta

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