Live Out Your Home Renovation Dreams With ‘House Flipper VR’

All the satisfaction of a job well done, minus the aches and pains of manual labor.

If you’ve ever watched one of those popular house fixer-upper shows on TV, then you know flipping houses isn’t as easy as you’d think. There’s a lot of hard work involved that will challenge you both physically and emotionally, and even make you rethink your choice of getting into the house flipping biz.

House Flipper VR takes you through all of those challenging steps, from ripping up the floors and painting the walls to staging the house (which is my favorite step). You even get the chance to play marriage counselor for your clients as you transform an old dilapidated structure into their forever home.

The more money you make from flipping your house, the higher your score.

If House Flipper VR sounds familiar, that’s because it’s actually a VR adaptation of the popular House Flipper simulation game developed by Frozen District.

Each VR renovation is broken up into various minigames. One scenario has you cleaning up the remnants of a house party in time for an early showing the next morning, so you need to work fast! Another renovation has you putting your green thumb to the test as you attempt to resurrect a collection of neglected houseplants left by the previous owners.

Once you’ve finished with repairs you can then share your newly renovated dream home with other players; compare staging styles or just argue about who the best Property Brother is. Though I think the answer to that question is fairly obvious.

You might not experience all of the real aches and pains that come with rebuilding a house, but you’ll definitely work up a bit of a sweat as move your hands and arms to vigorously scrub the walls, bend over to install plumbing, and get down on your knees to polish floors.

Gameplay is centered around actual tasks you’d expect to see at a residential construction site. I could see this game serving as a useful training tool, allowing those new to renovation the chance to log some hands-on time before setting foot in a potentially dangerous workzone.

You might not walk away with the actual skills necessary for flipping a house, but after a few sessions, you’ll definitely have a better understanding of the process. But more importantly, you’ll have a lot of fun.

House Flipper VR will be available for the Oculus Quest later this week for $14.99. You can also download the game on Steam at the same price starting on September 24th

Check out their Discord to talk with other players and even the developers. You can also visit Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and for more ways to connect with fans of the game.

By the way, it’s Jonathan. My favorite Property Brother is Jonathan.

Image Credit: Frozen District

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