In-Vehicle VR Company Holoride Adds Marvel Film Directors To Its Team

The Russo Brothers join Holoride’s new advisory board alongside Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey.

Holoride, one of the leading companies in the rapidly-expanding in-vehicle entertainment industry, last week announced the formation of a brand new strategy board composed of several big names in both tech and entertainment.

Included in this lineup of esteemed advisors are Anthony and Joseph Russo (aka the Russo Brothers), directors of numerous Marvel Cinematic adventures including Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame just to name a few; Palmer Luckey, the original founder of Oculus VR and creator of the Oculus Rift; Todd Makurath, Founder & Chairman at Superconductor; Dirk Ahlborn, Founder & Chairman at HyperloopTT; Thomas Alt, Founder & CEO of Metaio AR (now owned by Apple);’ Kathleen Cohen, Thought Leader, Tech Humanist, and Founder of The Collaboratorium; and Greg Castle, Founder of Anorak Ventures.

“We’re thrilled to add some of the world’s most talented industry leaders and pioneers to our advisory board,” said Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of Holoride. “While breaking new ground, it’s critical that Holoride is equipped with experts that touch each key audience segment. From entertainment, to transportation, technology, and finance, Holoride is tapping into a diverse suite of entrepreneurs to move our company forward.”

Holoride made its world debut just over a year ago at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas. This past October, the platform made its public launch at Universal Citywalk, where visitors could go hand-on with “Bride of Frankenstein,” a terrifying backseat VR experience that harnesses the physical effects caused by a moving vehicle to enhance the in-headset experience. When the car speeds up or makes a sharp turn, for example, so does the in-game vehicle, adding an additional layer of immersion to the experience.

“The thing that excited us was this idea of a procedural experience, the idea that you could build a story created around everyday travel,” added Greg Reed, vice president of technology partnerships at Universal Pictures. “It really sets it up as an experience that could fit in a vehicle you own, a ride-sharing vehicle, or public transportation. Again, this idea that you’re adding an experience like this to everyday life.”

It’s clear by looking at this newly-formed strategic committee that Holoride recognizes the vital role storytelling will play in the future. By securing the help of two of the most sought after directors in Hollywood, Holoride has only further positioned itself as the leading provider of backseat immersive entertainment.

Image Credit: Holoride

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