This HoloLens App Brings Doctors To Life-Threatening Situations

NOMADEEC Telemedicine

HoloLens takes doctors to you.

What if a doctor miles away could save your life? That’s the idea behind Nomadeec — a HoloLens telemedicine app French medtech company Exelus has been developing for three years.

Telemedicine virtually connects you with a doctor miles away who diagnoses a patient and oversees treatment in real-time. Nomadeec makes telemedicine possible for paramedics through the standalone, portable computing power of Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

Nomadeec uses the HoloLens to feed information to a doctor through video, voice and selections you make in the app’s interface. The doctor then provides directions via video chat or holographic markers that appear in the visor.

An Exelus spokesperson told VRScout that Nomadeec more efficiently identified which patients needed treatment first in 25 percent of cases.

EMT, paramedics and chief medical officers have already tested Nomadeec and the product now awaits FDA approval in the US, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that If FDA approval moves forward on schedule, the company will be able to sell Nomadeec by the end of 2017.

NOMADEEC Telemedicine

The connection problem.

Internet connectivity presents one of the biggest challenges in telemedicine. This is why previous renditions of the technology have operated in places with stable connections like hospitals or homes.

Nomadeec is a portable system so it won’t always have access to stable connections out in the field. Through the HoloLens, the tech connects via 3G/4G, satellite or Wi-Fi.

But Exelus’s spokesperson said the company has designed the app to run on 4G connectivity and weaker 3G or Edge connections.

“We’ve optimized compression algorithms to allow its transmission via 3G or Edge only,” the spokesperson said. “4G will be required if the assessment features numerous images and if video conferencing is required.”

The company will be demoing the technology from January 9 to January 12 at CES 2018. You can watch a video on Nomadeec below.

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