Das Boot VR Arena Experience Has You Taking Control Of A WWII U-Boat

Work together with your crew as you go head-to-head with a British Destroyer.

It’s 1942 and you have just commandeered a class VII German WWII U-boat. Your mission is to seek out a convoy of Allied freighters, but you instead come ship-to-ship with a British destroyer. You act fast as you instinctively order your crew to dive and prepare to evade a fierce attack.

In HOLOGATE’s newest arena-style VR experience, Das Boot – VR Escape, you and up to four players must work together to avoid the brutal attack of a British destroyer. Similar to other team-based multiplayer VR experiences, such as Star Strek: Bridge Crew, miscommunication is key in order to keep you and your crew from sinking to the cold depths of the Atlantic.

Das Boot is the latest arena experience to merge VR and escape-rooms, offering a unique 4D immersive experience where each player takes on one of four specialized roles: Commander, Watch Officer, Chief Engineer, and Helmsman. Each position on the U-612 requires you to perform a different task, often in coordination with one another. 

The VR experience is based on the 1981 Wolfgang Peterson German war film Das Boot, which in turn was based on Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s 1973 book, Das Boot: The Boat.

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Using additional immersion-enhancing elements, such as haptic vests, you’ll feel the intense jolt of explosions, or a burst of water hitting you square in the chest from a broken pipe. The Vive controllers will rumble as you grab tools, flip switches, or when you turn your body to look through the periscope.

The arena-style experience was developed as part of a partnership between remote control productions (RCP) and the award-winning VR company, Aesir Interactive, who worked tirelessly to make sure Das Boot not only felt real, but also offered all the fun challenges you would expect from a well-designed escape room.

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HOLOGATE’s easy turn-key set up is a big attraction for VR arcades such as Two-Bit Circus, Orlando’s Andretti Karting & Games, and Dubai’s PVRK, all of whom say it’s one of their best attractions. 

Not only is the experience a blast for players, but gawkers on the outside can also join in on the fun by watching through multiple TV monitors placed on all four sides of the arena, giving everyone not in-headset a great view of the action. An interactive light show and big speakers pump up the gawker experience even further by encouraging you to cheer on your friends as they try to outwit the destroyer.

Image Credit: HOLOGATE

Das Boot – VR Escape is exclusive to the HOLOGATE VR arena and will be available at all 256 HOLOGATE locations in 25 countries and 6 continents. Unfortunately, no word yet on an official release date as of the time of this writing.

HOLOGATE is one of the world’s largest VR multiplayer platforms with over 5 million players jumping into their VR arenas each year. They’ve also won multiple awards such as a 2019 Park World Award for Best FEC Feature and a 2019 Lumiere Award for Best Location-Based VR.

For a complete list of HOLOGATE locations, click here.

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