Discover Your Hogwarts House With An AR Sorting Hat Ceremony, Available Now

Do you embody the courage of Gryffindor, or the wit of Ravenclaw? 

Released alongside the launch of the official Harry Potter Fan Club, Wizarding World Digital’s new Wizarding World app is a central hub for everything a die-hard “Potterhead” could possibly care about. 

Along with providing fans with curated experiences from the Wizarding World, the app will also feature official Fan Club newsletters, special member-only benefits, as well as the ability to create a personalized Wizarding Passport, a digital badge that includes key information regarding their specific Patronus and Wand.

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This passport will also feature the users Hogwart’s House, which can be obtained by participating in their very own Sorting Ceremony. Brought to life using AR technology, the mythical Sorting Hat sits on your head as it deliberates on which house (Gryffindor, Ravenclow, Hufflepuff, Slytherin) best suits your specific personality.

As the legendary magical accessory ponders its decision, it presents you with a series of questions to help better determine your placement. Topics range from your personal preferences to your attitude and behavior. Once the survey is complete, the world around you begins to shift and fracture as the magic of the Sorting Hat intensifies. It mutters to itself, confirming its selection before declaring its final answer.

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Once finished, the screen then changes to the banner of your selected house, allowing you to snap a photo alongside your school colors and add it to your passport. 

I tried the app out for myself and was surprised to discover that I belonged to Gryffindor. Personally, I always imaged myself a Ravenclaw, but who am I to question the awesome power of the Sorting Hat? 

“The Harry Potter global phenomenon continues to be loved by fans of all ages – from the millions of people who discover the books for the first time to those who explore the movies, audiobooks, stage play, visitor attractions and games each year,” said Paul Kanareck, Managing Director of Wizarding World Digital, in an official release. 

Image Credit: VRScout

“We have a wonderful opportunity to create new experiences including a fan club for the digital age, which offers an amazing breadth of content and new interactive platforms that will give our fans around the world a truly connected experience across the Wizarding World universe.”

The Wizarding World app is available free on iOS and Android in initial launch territories. For those without access to compatible smart devices, a select handful of features, including the Sorting Ceremony, will be available via desktop at

Prior to the release of the Wizarding World app, mobile AR developer Niantic launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a location-based AR game similar to that of Pokemon Go in which users travel to real-world locations to discover and unlock new creatures, characters, items, and magic. 

After selecting one of several wizarding professions, you can then battle a variety of familiar enemies using a series of spells, which are activated by tracing a specific pattern via the touchscreen; the faster and more accurate the design, the more effective the magic.

Between this geo-dependent experience and the AR Sorting Ceremony, there’s no doubt Wizarding World Digital sees the magic in AR technology. Hopefully, the company expands its use of immersive technology to more of its Harry Potter-related projects.

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