Hoame Wants To Be The Future Of VR Meditation On Quest

The subscription-based app offers daily studio classes guided by expert instructors.

With so many great fitness apps available on VR headsets, it’s hard to forget that immersive technology can also be an effective tool for mental health. Apps such as Guided Meditation VR, TRIPP, and Supernatural offer users a way to escape the chaos of the real world by immersing them in soothing virtual environments where they can participate in guided meditations designed to combat anxiety and depression.

Now it appears as though Hoame, Toronto’s largest modern meditation studio, is also getting in on the action. This week the company launched its very own VR meditation app on the Meta Quest platform. Similar to Supernatural, Hoame on Quest is a subscription-based platform that offers daily classes and guided meditations led by professional coaches. There are over 15 types of classes available at the moment, each tackling various principles, such as breathwork and yoga nidra.

“A sense of place and immersion is central to the Hoame experience, it’s what makes the studio an important part of our clients’ mindfulness practices,” said mental health clinician and Hoame co-founder, Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW, in an official release. “Hoame for Meta Quest captures that essence but also expands on it, allowing users to meditate around the world in the most breathtaking environments with expertly curated music, while exploring various meditation modalities including breathwork, sleep, soundbaths, yoga nidra, and more.”

A premium subscription gains you access to the following content (as provided by Hoame):

  • Daily in-studio classes
  • Growing library of on-demand experiences
  • Breathwork practice
  • Monthly events & workshops
  • Expert instructors
  • Real studio community
  • Progress tracker
  • Mood surveys
  • Sit-set customizer
Image Credit: Hoame

“We’ve taken everything that we have learned from our physical studio, everything that our community loves and keeps them coming back: beautiful space, sense of community, tons of variety, and expert guidance, and incorporated proven mental health tools: mood survey, progress tracker, social co-presence with other users in class, and combined it with the totally immersive platform that is VR,” added Hoame co-founder and co-CEO, Benjamin Plater.

Hoame is available now on Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 headsets. While the app itself is free to download, you will need a premium subscription in order to begin accessing content. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month. There’s also a 6 Month Pass for $52.99 as well as 1 Year Pass for $81.99. Those looking to try before they buy can take advantage of a 7-day free trial.

For more information visit the official Hoame website.

Feature Image Credit: Hoame

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