Legendary ‘Hitman’ Franchise Heading To VR

Play the entire “World of Assassination” trilogy on PSVR January 2021.

Sony held it’s annual State of Play showcase earlier today, revealing a variety of exciting titles on their way to PlayStation VR, including the entire Hitman “World of Assassination” trilogy.

Arriving later this year alongside the launch of Hitman 3, developer Io Interactive and Sony today confirmed upcoming VR support for the legendary stealth franchise. Beginning this January, players can hide, sneak, and stab their way through each and every location from all three games using their own two hands, immersing them in the blood-stained shoes of Agent 47 like never before.

“We’re incredibly excited to share this news! We’ve been keeping it a secret for a long time now and it’s a great feeling to finally talk about Hitman in VR,” stated Sony in an official release. “From the breathtaking start in a Dubai skyscraper to the final campaign mission of Hitman 3 and the dramatic conclusion to the entire trilogy, it can all be enjoyed in first-person VR.”

According to Sony, PSVR players will have the ability to import every map from the past two games into Hitman 3, allowing them to interact with all 20+ locations from the “World of Assassination” trilogy in VR, beginning with 2016’s Hitman and ending with next year’s Hitman 3. Using the PlayStation’s Move controllers, players can interact with the in-game world with a level of detail unheard of in a Hitman game.

“You’ll stand face-to-face with your targets and look them in the eyes, blend-in to a busy crowd and hear the chatter and conversations happening around you and interact with items using your hands,” added Sony in the release.

“For example, you can swing a frying pan in whatever angle you want to knock out a guard – and then use it to deflect any bullets that are fired at you as you make your escape!”

Hitman 3 arrives on PS4 and PSVR January 2021.

Image Credit: Io Interactive, Sony

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