‘Hitman 3’ VR Gameplay Revealed In Latest Trailer

New footage reveals up close and personal VR assassinations.

Developer IO Interactive this morning released a new trailer for Hitman 3’s VR mode, showing off a wide array of VR-specific interactions, gorgeous locales, and—of course—plenty of imaginative assassinations.

Revealed this past August during Sony’s annual State of Play showcase, VR support will extend to all three games in the “World of Assassination” trilogy, allowing you to play all 20+ missions in VR; so long as you own a copy of Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3, when it releases January 20th exclusively on PlayStation VR. Based on the trailer, you’ll be using your Move controllers to perform a variety of tasks, from fast-paced gunfights to menial tasks designed to blend you in with your environment.

We see a few of these interactions in IO’s new trailer. At one point our protagonist, Agent 47, wipes down a countertop while disguised as a kitchen assistant before sneaking out the side door and setting up for a gruesome kill. Another portion shows our “hero” removing the support arm of a piano, thereby dropping the lid and trapping his unsuspecting victim. There are a handful of other entertaining interactions featured throughout the roughly two and a half minute trailer; my favorite being the ability to tap on a victims shoulder to redirect their attention.

If you ask me, there are few conventional games more deserving of a VR mode than the Hitman franchise. Subtle interactions used to disguise yourself, such as wiping a counter, seem almost tailor-made for VR. Everything from the combat to the puzzle-solving looks to be enhanced by the inclusion of immersive technology. That being said, It’ll be interesting to see how players react to the more visceral moments of the game in VR, such as up-close and personal assassinations.

VR support launches alongside Hitman 3 January 20th exclusively on PlayStation VR. Seeing as the game is releasing on PC, however, we hope for an eventual PC VR release at some point in the future.

Image Credit: IO Interactive

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